Many Voices

Many Voices

Months ago, I applied for a virtual show for emerging artists.  I had forgotten all about it and was only reminded of it when I received a rejection email earlier this week.  The main reason cited was the absence of a theme in my art and how it was important for their clients to recognise the art.  The timing of this response was interesting in itself as a few days earlier, I wrote a post on social media about my “Many Voices”, and the fact that I am really enjoying exploring different dimensions of my art. 

I follow many artists on social media and many of them do variations of the same painting, so it seems. It is true, you do recognise their work, but I keep thinking how boring that would be.  When I took my business class for artists in early 2021, there was some emphasis on finding our artistic voice, based on our ‘why’ what was our artistic purpose.  I discovered at the time that the fundamental reason that I paint was to transform myself and the world around me.  And boy, when I look back, have I transformed through my art.  My paintings have allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and try different things, styles and put myself out there in a way that I had never done before.  In a certain way, it has allowed me to get out of the ‘box’ I had securely put myself in to conform and to please.  I readily admit that this box still exists to a certain extent, but it has become roomier and now definitely has windows and doors.  Giving myself the permission to have the  freedom to try, fail, and succeed has been, I think, my biggest transformation in the last two years.  And it is all because of my art. For this, I  am immensely grateful and happy.

When I think of the rejection email, I keep thinking how puzzling it is that a show for emerging artists is so focused on themes.  When I think about the greatest painters such as Picasso, their style evolved significantly over the years and wonder whether they are not missing the beauty of this emerging period.  But they know their clients and their market and I respect that. Perhaps we are not a match. I am not ready to settle and I am realising that I am just not the type of artist that will settle on a given formula or style. Evolution is part of my being and my artistic purpose; it is liberating for me not knowing my end destination.  This is actually big for me as being an anxious person, control and certainty is something that I often seek.  So…..boy is it liberating and it brings me joy. I couldn’t ask for more. 

So, stay tuned for the next few chapters of my journey, it is all of me, with my many voices.

Glebe Art in Our Gardens and Studio Tour

I am happy to announce that I will be participating to the Glebe Art in Our Gardens and Studio Tour on July 9 and 10th!  Come visit me and see my art and that of other Glebe artists in our studios and backyards.  I will provide more information in the coming weeks!

Have a great month of June!

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