The Things We Do

The Things We Do

Last weekend, I was in Kingston to participate in Artfest, a three-day art show where all kinds of artists and craftspeople exhibit their work in a lovely park setting.   My kids came as well so we were also able to spend some time together at night.

The show didn’t turn out as expected.  It rained hard most of Saturday and the sales were not coming as I had expected on Sunday and Monday.  I was a bit discouraged and told this to my oldest when he challenged me by saying: “you will have to think about why you are doing this”.  This is when as a mother you simultaneously think “how wise my son is for 24 and I must have done something right” and “can I not have a moment just to complain”.  Naturally he was right - I mean, I don’t need to do this.  So why was I there? 

About an hour after this conversation, a couple came to my booth.  The man had a brace to keep his neck upright and they bought some cards.  He told me how he loved my vibrant colours and my work.  They left and he came back shortly thereafter without his wife  to buy additional cards.  He then told me:

“I have ALS and I will die before my wife.  I am going to use your cards to write her letters that she will be able to read after I am gone.  Keep putting beauty in the world.”

That’s why I do it. 

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Good morning – what a beautiful story and so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing and please let me know when your next art show is!


That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Gordon Roberts

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