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Have you ever taken the longest road to get to your destination? My affirmation as an artist took perhaps not the longest road but a long one.  As a young child growing up in the Ottawa region, I was artistically inclined, drawing, painting and writing stories to pass the time.  When I felt down, I would ask my mother to bring me to the National Art Gallery as being in presence of artistic beauty had a way to make things better.  I was also an anxious and academically gifted child.  Scholarly success brought me the validation I was craving.  Slowly but surely, the positive reinforcement through academic success and career advancement became my main driver in life and kept my anxiety in check, at least for a while.

If you let it, life has a way of filling your days and making you a doer.  Raising children, doing chores, meeting deadlines, walking the dogs, caring for others,... you end up filling your days and measuring your success by what you did, as opposed to who you are, and how you feel.   I lived like this for many years, and don’t get me wrong, these were fulfilling and happy times for the most part.  But, as my kids grew older and my schedule freed itself up, I could no longer avoid the feeling that I was not whole.

Ottawa-based abstract artist Mireille Laroche.

I started to paint again in 2010 following my divorce and experienced the healing power of creation first hand, but the growing desire to dedicate more time to my art was pushed down by business and rationality.  However, with the emergence of 2020, the slower pace forced by Covid and the loss of one of my best friends to cancer at the young age of 39, I began to rethink my life and priorities.  A journey began to rediscover what brings me joy, peace, and to rethink how I want to contribute to society.  From the whisper from years past, to a clear and distinct voice, creating and painting have re-emerged as my true passion and purpose. It is my way of giving back, of bringing joy and beauty to others and of helping those in need by donating a portion of each sale to charities in the Ottawa region. My journey is just beginning. Come join me, I promise, we won’t get lost!

This year, part of the proceeds of each sale will be donated to the Lab (aulab.ca), a non-profit organization in Gatineau dedicated to the promotion of art to vulnerable populations.

So far in 2021:
$900 have been donated to the Lab (www.aulab.ca) in Gatineau
$620 have been donated to the Hopewell Eating Disorder center (Ottawa), Government of Canada Charitable Campaign and St. Matthew's Anglican church through auctions of paintings

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