About Me


As a young child growing up in Gatineau, I was artistically inclined, drawing, painting and writing stories to pass the time. I was also an anxious and academically gifted child.  Scholarly success brought me the validation I was craving and eventually, this success and career advancement became my main driver in life and kept my anxiety in check, at least for a while. 

If you let it, you end up filling your days and measuring your success by what you do, as opposed to who you are, and how you feel. I lived like this for many years, and don’t get me wrong, these were fulfilling and happy times for the most part.  But, as my kids grew older and my schedule freed itself up, I could no longer avoid the feeling that I was not whole. 

Ottawa-based artist Mireille Laroche
Throughout my life, I experienced the healing power of creation first hand. The slower pace forced by the Covid pandemic in 2020 and the loss of one of my best friends to cancer at 39, I began to rethink my life and priorities.  A journey began to rediscover what brings me joy, peace, and purpose.


Creating and painting have emerged as my true passion and purpose.  Using acrylic and mixed media, my art expresses my emotions, stories and discoveries that accompany me through my journey. My paintings are characterised by vibrant colours and movement that I create using mostly pallet knives and my hands. I am also committed to paying it forward and helping others through art, donating a portion of each sale to local charitable organisations.