When life gives you lemons...

I don’t know how the beginning of 2023 has been for you, but for me, it has been most interesting and eventful on so many levels.  I started the year sick, which meant having to cancel my new year’s plans, after I caught a virus from my dogs… yes, your loveable pets can actually make you sick.  They won’t admit it and there is no proof but I know!  Since then, it has been a litany of adventures, both good and bad, full of lessons and adventures.  Here are just a few since January: 


It is always good to get pet insurance, because when your dog or cat falls ill, you can say goodbye to your nest egg to finance the vet’s next “toy”.
Key lock boxes are your friend when your door lock decides to no longer cooperate... this allowed to test whether I can still jump a 7 foot fence, and I did fortunately successfully!
When people show you who they are, believe them. Period.
Car door handles can actually break and stay in your hand when it is minus 40 outside (this is not good when it happens and is really not good when it is not your car but that of a friend…) 
Don’t prepare your dog’s meds and vitamins at the same time as you are preparing your own in the morning. 
When you accidentally take a dog’s probiotic, you actually do not develop an ability to scratch your ear with your foot.
I have the best friends one can ever ask.


As you can see, it has been quite the month and I omitted some interesting car issues (yes others) and the ups and downs of a furry and chronically-ill boy Bjorn.   When I retire, I may just apply to be a receptionist at my vet clinic or at my neighbourhood Pet Value just to benefit from employee discounts.  I have gain so much knowledge and experience with meds and how to feed a partial anorexic dog, might as well share them and help others,... while helping me pay my dog's bill.


On the artistic side of things, the most notable evolution has occurred.  My mind is in overdrive in terms of ideas that I am excited to pursue.  Some interesting concepts and paintings are emerging, with more of a story or message.  I am currently painting a face, something that I never thought I would venture. But I am and loving it.   You may see some different types of paintings emerging and I am really excited about it.   Are you intrigued? I hope so!  I will post some in the coming days. 

On March 18th, I will be participating in Art Lending of Ottawa’s art show at the RA centre.  I also will put more details on social media in the coming days.

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